Life isn’t easy. We all wish that everything could be wrapped up in a 30-minute Brady Bunch kind of way, but there’s no Alice cooking dinner and the kids spend more time arguing then singing retro pop hits. So to make your life a little easier, here are 10 health hacks for you:


  • Use honey for an energy boost – Sleep is elusive for many of us these days. Instead of an energy drink, try a spoonful of delicious honey for an all-natural boost.


  • Nix the sugar and try cinnamon – Cinnamon has been used to relieve arthritis pain, fight off bacteria, and more. If you put sugar in your coffee or on cereal, then just replace it with the healthier cinnamon. You might just notice yourself feeling better.


  • Replace mayo with avocado – Avocados are incredibly healthy and versatile. Use avocados in place of mayo when making tuna or chicken salad… plus they’re naturally spreadable which makes them a perfect addition to any sandwich. Bonus tip: Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil is ideal for everything from baking to frying—and it’s delicious to boot! It’s got lots of nutrients and healthy fats unlike those processed oils that clog your arteries.


  • Boost brain power without the odor – Fish is a popular brain-boosting food, but it can leave your house smelling like a fish market for days. After cooking, toss a few spoonfuls of peanut butter in the empty pan and cook on high for a couple of minutes to absorb those fishy odors.


  • Add minerals with sea salt – The salt that comes from most stores is processed to the point where it’s stripped of everything. It’s simply crystals of sodium and chloride that’s been run through machines in factories. Natural sea salts don’t go through the stripping process. In fact, Colima Sea Salt has more than 80 minerals that your body needs. Plus you don’t need to use a ton of it for flavoring like you do with regular salt so your heart will thank you.


  • Tea for two – Do you have bags of black and green tea hanging around your cupboards? Green tea is great for the skin, chamomile for inflammation, and black tea for sunburns. Bonus tip… Do you have stinky gym shoes? Throw dry bags of tea in them, and they’ll absorb the odor. Just remember to take them out before wearing.


  • Chew gum to curb appetite – We all struggle with late afternoon or late night hunger pangs. If you’re watching your calories or just need to stave off the hunger until dinner, chew some gum. The flavor doesn’t matter, but the chewing does. It mimics eating and fools the body.


  • Repair muscles while you sleep – Workouts can be draining, so use your sleep time to rejuvenate your muscles. Eat a light protein-rich snack before bed and let your body repair your muscles while you’re dreaming. I recommend our Sweetened Cacao Beans… with 6X more protein than spinach, these will definitely do the trick while satisfying even the biggest sweet tooth!


  • Can’t sleep? Take a shower – If you’ve counted enough sheep to officially change your profession to shepherd, then it’s time to take a warm tranquil shower. Going from a warm shower to a cooler temperature triggers drowsiness, which can help you get to sleep faster.


  • Chew more, feel better – Do you ever feel bloated after a meal? Chew your food longer. Chewing food longer not only helps release more of the nutrients, but it’s also known to decrease gassiness and sluggishness.


If you’ve got some tips that work for you, please share them in the comments below!